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welcome to the website of Dressurhengste Schleier GbR. We are pleased to present our collection of promising young stallions, as well as the dressage and show jumping stallions of Gestüt Burghof Brodhecker, which have proven themselves both in sport and in breeding.


Get to know our typey young dressage stallions DSP DE SANDRO (fourfold winner of the Southern German Championship), FLASHBACK, QUADROGOLD and MADDOX as well as the outstanding show jumping talents CHILANO BLUE, CASCAIS and CORNET'S CERO. They are all descended from proven blood lines of international stature and are sure to leave their mark on their future offspring. The young stallions of today are the top performers of tomorrow. They are introducing new blood into modern horse breeding - they are the future!


We would be delighted if our collection of young sport stallions and proven Burghof sires turned out to hold the perfect mating partner for your broodmare. Of course, we are always here to advise you on which sire to choose, for we know our stallions and can provide a realistic assessment of how they will pass on their characteristics in the individual dam lines. Our business is not just to market our stallions. We are also committed to supporting you in your breeding plans and subsequent marketing as efficiently and expertly as possible. Do not hesitate to get in touch - we look forward to hearing from you!



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