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Located in the idyllic town of Riedstadt-Wolfskehlen (near Frankfurt/Main), Burghof Brodhecker is home to the stallions of Dressurhengste Schleier GbR. For almost 50 years, the stud has been owned by the Brodhecker family, who have drawn on all their passion, commitment and expertise to turn Burghof Brodhecker into a renowned contact point for breeders, equestrian sports enthusiasts and people in search of a horse. Apart from the classic riding school and livery yard, the stud, which operates according to modern principles, specialises in keeping stallions, breeding, and the training and marketing of young horses. We and our partner, Gestüt Burghof, do not see the marketing of stallions as our sole business; rather, we aim to assist you in all matters relating to the breeding and marketing of horses. Do not hesitate to get in touch - we look forward to hearing from you!




  • Stallion station
  • Artificial insemination centre
  • Breeding | rearing of foals
  • Training young horses / preparing young stallions for licensing
  • Selling and procuring promising foals and quality broodmares, as well as riding and competition horses for jumping, dressage and leisure riding



For more than 20 years, stallions have been an important cornerstone of Burghof Brodhecker. For that reason, the owner, Volker Brodhecker, pays special attention to the selection of his stallions. With highly successful sires such as Almaz and Flammengold, the breeding station has made a name for itself among breeders over time and has given new impetus to breeding and sports. And the future is still unfolding - with the proven Burghof sires and the promising young stallions of Dressurhengste Schleier GbR.




Gestüt Burghof has its own AI centre, which is run by the state-approved AI technician Neil Johnson. The centre is equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory allowing the professional collection, processing and transfer of semen - the basis for optimal pregnancy rates. For our breeders, we offer the option of having their mares inseminated on site (including mares with foal at foot). (Loose boxes can be provided for a fee.)


After consultation with the stud farm management, mare owners can use the services of Burghof’s experienced specialist veterinarian for an additional charge.




The 85-hectare Burghof estate is home to many of the stud’s own broodmares which have competed successfully or proven themselves through the performance of their progeny. The broodmares are strictly selected according to performance lines and on condition that they have sound basic training and successfully finished their mare performance test. The healthy, appropriate rearing of foals and young horses is of particular importance at Gestüt Burghof. They spend their summers in herds on extensive pastures (some of which are in the nearby Odenwald). During the winter months, they are kept in separate age groups in open stables with paddocks. Their diet consists of home-grown oats, nourishing hay, excellent straw and high-quality mineral supplements.




Sound training is the basis of future success! At Burghof Brodhecker, young horses are trained and advanced individually according to their quality and stage of development. This ranges from careful breaking in through to presenting at shows. We also offer the professional preparation of 2-year-old stallions for licensing; this service is offered in partnership with experienced training yards.



Burghof Brodhecker always has a large selection of quality young horses, foals, broodmares and leisure horses on offer, as well as talented dressage and jumping horses of all ages and training levels. On top of this, breeders also have the opportunity to present their young talents to prospective buyers at the twice-yearly sales shows held on site. 



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